64 Zoo Lane is a British–French children's cartoon created by Belgian-born English author An Vrombaut. The series was produced by Millimages S.A., Zoo Lane Productions, and La Cinquième.[1] The series premiered in 1999-2013.


The series follows a 7-year-old girl named Lucy who lives next door to a Zoo at 64 Zoo Lane. Each night, she is told a story by the animals. Characters include Georgina the Giraffe, Nelson the Elephant, Tickles and Giggles the Monkeys, Boris the Bear, and Molly the Hippopotamus. The cartoon emphasizes friendship and responsibility. At the story's end, friendly morals are discussed, then bedtime is declared. Georgina deposits Lucy into bed via the bedroom window (later episodes show Lucy yawning and then sleeping soundly in bed; in the original episodes she would be lulled to sleep by the storytelling itself). This has shown on CBBC, CBeebies and CBeebies Bedtime Hour, Noggin, ABC For Kids and lots more Opportunities for learning: exploring language and vocabulary are enhanced by the use of intonation and expression in the character's voices and the themes of the animals' stories support social and emotional issues, including friendships and helping and caring for others. The creator of the TV series, An Vrombaut, also wrote and illustrated six 64 Zoo Lane picture books based on stories from the TV series.


Main charactersEdit

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North Pole charactersEdit

  • Snowbert the Polar Bear (voiced by Dan Russell) (impersonating Peter Cullen) – A polar bear who is Boris' northern cousin. He used to live alone until he met Sidney the Seal.
  • Sidney the Seal (voiced by Keith Wickham) (impersonating Dee Bradley Baker) – A seal that befriended Snowbert.

Mossy Bay island charactersEdit

  • Jamie the littlest Puffin (voiced by Anna Bentinck in the UK and Ashley Tisdale in US)
  • Thomas, Sharon and Lewis the Puffins (voiced by Lewis McCleod (Thomas), Bob Saker (Lewis), and Anna Bentinck (Sharon) in the UK and voiced by Danny Mann (Thomas), Kath Soucie (Lewis), and Frank Oz (Sharon) in the US re-dub)
  • Hercule Moustache the Walrus (voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • Thelma the Whale (voiced by Anna Bentinck in UK and Phyllis Smith in US)
  • Gunnar the Seagull (voiced by Dan Russell in the UK and Bill Farmer in the USA)
  • Jack Big Claw the Crab (voiced by Frank Welker)

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